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About The Young Guns Movement

Ignite Your Influence

We are a movement of free-thinking, action-oriented entrepreneurs who don't wait for permission to break the rules of business in an effort to achieve more than we ever dreamed possible.

The Why

As an entrepreneur or professional, you no longer need to seek permission to authentically speak what you believe in. You can stand out and share what makes you unique so you can attract the business and collaborators that align with your point of view.

The Young Guns group inspires, motivates and encourages professionals to be authentic and courageously share their vision with the world.

Together, we collaborate to keep up with the speed of innovation with respect to personal branding, social media, business creation and differentiation, among many other important topics.


The How

The Young Guns Movement brings you influential thought leaders, game-changing subject matter experts and free-thinkers that are changing how business gets done. Tune in to YGTV for interviews, speakers and roundtables or join us at one of our in-person events. The Young Guns Movement is here to inspire, engage and lead…are you ready to join us?

What is a young gun?


  • State of mind, rather than a state of being
  • New ways of executing, rather than young people
  • Someone who is doing, not merely talking


  • A community that holds each other accountable for growth
  • A commitment to excellence in all that we do
  • Providing a platform to ignite and influence others