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The Rules Of Business Have Changed

Ignite Your Influence

Upcoming Events

August 20th 2020—Young Guns Summer Circuit event

November 12th 2020—Young Guns Fall Circuit event

February 25th 2021—Young Guns Event at Italian Community Center

High octane, action packed, can't miss event

The Why

As an entrepreneur or professional, you no longer need to seek permission to authentically speak what you believe in. You can stand out and share what makes you unique so you can attract the business and collaborators that align with your point of view.

The Young Guns group inspires, motivates and encourages professionals to be authentic and courageously share their vision with the world.

Together, we collaborate to keep up with the speed of innovation with respect to personal branding, social media, business creation and differentiation, among many other important topics.

At our kickoff event you’ll hear from the all-star panel of Young Guns speakers who are changing the rules of the game. Who better to ignite your influence and lead you into the future?


The How

The Young Guns Group kicks off on Thursday, February 27. On Day One you’ll hear from entrepreneurs that turned their vision into a powerful differentiator in the market. You’ll be inspired to step up and share why YOU are unique, and you’ll learn how to turn that story into an asset that helps your clients and community understand why you’re special and an indispensable partner moving forward. Bring a notebook, your smartphone and an open mind. You need to be ready to learn who who you are and what you believe in is your most powerful personal asset in your career

This Event Will Sell Out!

Don’t miss this maximum value, worthwhile day. This is an event like no other and you’re going to want to register right away!

Kickoff Event

Thank you to the nearly 300 people that attended our 1st kickoff event! The response to the event was overwhelmingly positive and so many people learned new techniques, and were inspired. Thank you to all the sponsors, speakers, volunteers that made this day possible.

Want to relive the Keynotes, the Vision 2020 panel, or the entire event?

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Paul M. Neuberger


Quentin Allums


David Belman


Michaela Alexis


Andy Weins

Denise Thomas.

Denise Thomas


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Jim Lindenberg


Janette Braverman


Jerry Jendusa