Change One Word...Change Your Life

“I believe that you can change a life with just one word.”

You’ve won the lottery (go with me on this, OK?).

You’re rich beyond your dreams. No more financial fears. Life is suddenly very comfortable. Work isn’t a “when” – it’s an “if.”

As you’re leaving to cash the golden ticket, someone asks where you’re headed. You reply, “I have to pick up my lottery winnings” – just like that.

What? You’re joking, right? You “have to” collect a lottery jackpot?

Like accepting millions of dollars is a chore?

Of course, you wouldn’t phrase your answer this way. You’re bursting with anticipation. Giddy. Excited. Life has gotten much better in the blink of an eye.

You wouldn’t use “have to” here. Not even close. So what about all the other times you do, probably without even thinking about it?

One word … one big change

See, as I wrote recently, “have to” is always a negative way of looking at the world. When you think you “have to” do something, it immediately becomes a burden. A “have to” mentality makes you a trapped, no-way-out victim.

If you perceive life is full of things you “have to” do, this becomes your reality. Joy exits. Drudgery enters. Existence becomes a drag … often taking others down with you.

In my last article, I promised a profound solution – yet one abundant in simplicity. As a motivational speaker who loves helping people during keynote presentations, this is what I live for.

Here it is: Make a one-word swap – “get” for “have.” You no longer “have to” do anything. Now, you “get to” do a lot of things.

See the difference? By changing one word, you’ve switched out a negative perception for a positive one. The world is suddenly filled not with tasks, but opportunities (and you didn’t have to hear an inspirational speaker to learn it!).

Yes, you can!

“Sounds great,” you might be saying … even while you’re not sure where it’s headed. Is this really applicable to everyday life, with all its pitfalls and challenges?

Oh, it is … and in an incredibly abundant fashion that will warm your soul.

Next week, I’ll provide concrete examples of how a “get to” mentality provides constant reminders of the great people around you, and the many blessings we often take for granted. It’s a subtle shift that is utterly life-changing.

Winning a gazillion-dollar lottery jackpot is certainly life-changing, too … yet something few of us will experience. Were it to occur, would you say “I get to pick up my lottery winnings?” OK if you do … but chances are you’d say something far, far more exuberant.

Justifiably so, too. We just know you wouldn’t say “have to.” One of the beautiful things about a “get to” mindset … is that you don’t have to do anything.

About The Author

Paul M Neuberger

Paul M. Neuberger believes in making the impossible possible. A masterful speaker and trainer, he challenges people to dig deep and discover talents they never knew they had. Whether it’s working hands-on with small teams or presenting in front of hundreds of people, Paul is adept at truly connecting with his audience and getting to the heart of important issues. He has worked with leading organizations around the world to help improve effectiveness, performance, and cultivate a stronger sense of passion in the workplace. Paul is the founder and CEO of The Cold Call Coach and President of The Starr Group.

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