Quentin Allums

About Quentin

I am the CEO of Urban Misfit Ventures. I love that I am able to provide jobs to Milwaukeeans, build an awesome culture, and shed a light on Milwaukee.

We create a lot of content that is viewed all around the world and one of the main questions we get is “why are you in Milwaukee?” That’s my favorite. Milwaukee is a misfit city and we’ve embraced that. And just about everyone that we bring here falls in love with it just as much as we have.

TEDx Speaker, WI 25 under 25, Co-Founder of Urban Misfit Ventures & Host of the Strange on Purpose Podcast.

Quentin has accumulated over 5 million LinkedIn content views and was one of the first storytellers to capitalize on the LinkedIn video feature in 2017. He also features creatives all over the globe and hosts creative networking events through his subsidiary company Milwaukee Misfits.

Quentin's Topic

What They Don't Tell You About Monetizing Your Personal Brand

There is so much false information out there when it comes to making money online and making money with your personal brand. This is a talk about what it takes to make money with your personal brand from someone that is excelling at it.