Fall Summit

November 18

Join the Young Guns Movement for another inspiring in person event.

Network in person and grow your business and this gorgeous new facility in Brookfield.

Meet some of Milwaukee’s biggest influencers and learn to expand your social media presence and turn it into more business.

If you’ve been to a Young Guns Event before, you know we bring in quality speakers with an inspiring and action packed event. You will walk away with amazing new connections, pages of notes, and energized to build your business.

Here is what people say about our events:

“The Young Gun Movement has so much energy! As soon as you walk into the room you feel motivated … then the speakers begin and you are captivated immediately. Thanks for another great event!”

“Young Guns is both practical and inspirational! A must-attend for any entrepreneur or salesperson.”

“Each event has had tangible action-driven takeaways. The value received is worth every penny of the investment!”

Stay tuned for our Keynote Speaker announcement coming soon.


7:45 Registration & Networking
8:15 Welcome from the Young Guns
8:30-9:05 Breakout workshop session 1
•Healthy Habits -Abram Anderson (Group A)
•Creating True Wealth-Craig Sorbo (Group B)
9:10-9:45 Breakout workshop session 2
•Healthy Habits -Abram Anderson (Group B)
•Creating True Wealth-Craig Sorbo (Group A)
9:50-10:15 Spark Networking Session
10:15-11:20 Josh Delaney-Being Wise
11:25-11:30 Closing from the Young Guns
11:30-12:00 Networking opportunity


Josh Delaney—Being Wise, how I became a multi-millionaire

Josh Delaney currently sells thousands of products a day online. For 18 years he has built, bought and sold multiple businesses. Most recently buying and selling multiple franchises as well as launching two supplement companies. One of which was acquired by a publicly traded company. Health and wellness products is the main focus of Josh and his team.

Craig Sorbo—Secrets to building lasting wealth

Craig Sorbo is an advisor with Northwestern Mutual, The founder of Paintings for Pediatrics and host of podcast # Winning. He is Married with a 3year old boy and 2 month old baby girl. Craig is passionate in the financial world to help people have a better relationship with money.

Abram Anderson—Creating a healthy lifestyle for the busy leader

Abram’s Health & Fitness / Founder of the Kaizen Method Training program

I’ve helped 3 people lose over 100 pounds and countless lose over 50 without counting calories or macros but rather through psychological techniques that get people to do what they know they should be doing for their health & fitness. On top of reading 1-3 books a week on health, fitness, and personal development I’ve taken my education in Applied Health Sciences & Psychology to create a program that centers around constant and never-ending improvement through incremental changes called “Kaizen Method Training.” It has become so effective in helping people that there is a 100% Guarantee that you’ll see the results you want to see – physically, mentally, & emotionally.

Public speaker for organizations such as Fox6WakeUp, CocaCola, & the Milwaukee Brewers my goal in life is to help people get in the best shape of their life.

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