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August 17, 2023

Brookfield Conference Center

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Amelia Forczak “The power of the written word”

Amelia has written over 11 best seller books and will share how using the power of the written word can elevate you and your business to iconic status. No matter if it’s a books, blogs, website copy or anything in between, Amelia will teach you the power of great copy.

Fabio Bonaquisto “Leveraging video to become iconic”

Fabio understands the power of video messaging. Combined with the amazing searchability of YouTube, he shares how you can use that to explode on the scene and get in front of your ideal audience.

Brandon Fong “Three step magic connection method” to consistently connect with world-class guests… and how Young Guns attendees can build relationships with their dream connections leveraging a podcast.

Brandon has become known for featuring impact-driven humans including Olympians, 7-9 figure entrepreneurs, NYT bestselling authors, TED speakers… and even an occasional FBI hostage negotiator, drug dealer turned (legal) millionaire, decorated air force pilot, illusionist, Hollywood legend, NFL player, Shark from Shark Tank, and even the man that invented the cell phone on his podcast! He will share how this exploding format can elevate you to iconic status quickly.

Mike Malatesta | OwnerShift Coach | Podcaster| Entrepreneur

In my professional career, I’ve founded or co-founded several companies in the waste management industry. I’ve been responsible for operations, sales, finance, strategy, culture, growth, public relations, marketing, and IT. Together, these businesses generated more than $500 million in combined revenue and sold for more than $180 million.

I’ve bootstrapped and worked with private equity. I’ve experienced and navigated through rocky partnerships, aggressive competition, fires, regulators, indictments, negative press, deaths, and just about every human relations issue.

In addition to my involvement in 2 successful exits, I’ve also been involved in acquiring [the easy part] and integrating [the hard part] more than 20 companies. I know what it takes to make them work [or not].

More than anything, I know what it feels like to be an entrepreneur and a leader. I other words, I know what it’s like to be you.

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