Summer Summit

Recap of August 25th 2022

How to become THE expert in your field

The key to unlocking more business, more opportunities, and fully utilizing social media is to become THE EXPERT in your industry. 

At the Young Guns Sumer Summit, we will walk you through step by step, how you can earn your place in the industry as the trusted professional. 

With this powerful information you will get more free PR, move to the top of your clients list, and find an abundance of new opportunities. 

Plus, meet amazing entrepreneurs and influencers to help grow your business and personal brand, and have an amazing time doing it!

Thank you to our Event Partners:

Saturn Lounge
Signature Bank

Major Partners:
Luminate Home Loans
First Federal Bank
Rely Local
Waukesha State Bank
Majic Productions
Robertson and Ryan Insurance
Koehn and Koehn Jewelry
Krueger Communications, LLC.
Antonopolous Legal Group


Robby D’Angelo

International Speaker/Author/Mental Optimization Expert


Hey Champ! My “title” is a Human Optimization Expert and Best-Selling Author. What sets my soul on fire is speaking and coaching. I love developing motivated individuals to consistently perform in a peak state by biohacking their mind, body, and soul. What I’ve found is when you combine these three areas in a synergistic method you begin to realize your full human potential and create miracles to live a life of ABUNDANCE!

What if you could accomplish what you thought was impossible? That’s what I mean by miracles.

That’s what we do!

Pat Miller

The Idea Coach/Founder of the Idea Collective Online Community 

Idea Slam Interactive Workshop

What if you could put the entire Young Guns audience to work to build your business? In this live, interactive workshop, you’ll get to experience the Idea Collective Idea Slam. We will select a few guests who have a challenge or opportunity in their business and Pat Miller will lead the group through our brainstorming process. The event will stimulate your creative side and help you explore some new ideas to consider for your business. This one of a kind workshop is fast, fun and done live without a net – let’s make what you’re building BIGGER!

Events like this would not be possible without the generous support of our Amazing Sponsors!​

Save the dates for upcoming Young Guns Events. More information coming soon.
Summit Event March 2, 2023 8–11:30am Brookfield Conference Center
Summit Event May 18, 2023 8–11:30am Brookfield Conference Center
Summit Event August 17, 2023 8–11:30am Brookfield Conference Center