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Young Guns Testimonials

“That event was the healthiest thing I’ve done in probably 6 months. I didn’t know any of them. None of them knew me & I felt like all of them were my people.”

“I love the energy of Young Guns events. And the people that present and attend are high quality. They like to challenge the status quo and are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and businesses, and they have fun doing it.”

“The event was truly inspiring. I recommend attending if you’re looking to grow your business.”

“I always leave feeling like part of a super positive group of people. The world is very complicated and difficult…and this energy is welcomed!”

“At any age, Young Guns is a movement of entrepreneurial leaders who challenge themselves, others, the status quo to ignite audacious action. Plain talk, no nonsense solutions, action focused on human and business growth! Best 4 hrs spent in a long time!”

“I would not miss a YG event. You want to attend for the high-quality, high-value talent and programming. YG packs a lot into their events. The production quality and flow are amazing. You will definitely come away with more knowledge and perspective and have more to apply to your business than if had not attended the event.”

“Young Guns makes me feel like I can be myself and be proud of it, everyone you meet wants to be their authentic self. I don’t feel like I am walking into another stuffy “white collar” event where I am an actor in a role. Professionalism is evolving to realism.”

“Young Guns is both practical and inspirational! A must-attend for any entrepreneur or salesperson.” 

“If you are someone who is RUNNING FAST, you want to run with others who are running fast. Young Guns Events is on the MOVE and leading with tons of value! If you want to take your business to the next level, then you need to be an active member of Young Guns as they bring the tools, training and connection opportunities that will accelerate your growth!”

“Quality speakers, quality content and the energy from the stage. It made me excited to start small and make it simple. It also reminded me that what you are thinking and what you are feeling shows up in your business! I will be back and I will be bringing my entire team.”

“The absolute lack of ‘fluff’ that is typical with a sales-focused events, was fantastic. There was a focus on making the message(s) clear and actionable. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!!!”

“I would tell them that they are in for a metric shit ton of content, motivation, inspiration, and brain-busting content.” 

“You will leave this event with tools to use to grow your business in one way or another. You will be inspired and excited to try what you have learned!”

“DO IT!!!!!!! These are moments that will make you. This is a tool that will help you in innumerable ways. Just DO IT!!!”

“It is a huge value. Hearing from such influential and successful people can really help to fuel your inspiration and get your re-motivated and refreshed. Plus a great networking event for new opportunities.”

“I would highly recommend to attend due to the speakers , amazing content, well run schedule and avail time for networking. I especially liked the approachability of the speakers.”

“I’m excited to go again and see what else this group has to offer. It was absolutely a highlight of my year.”

“It was a well organized event (easy to attend) and very informational. I liked that you could follow the theme of the event while each speaker had their very different story and unique way of finding success. It was easy to stay engaged.”

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